3D Scanning

Smile for the 3D Camera

3D Scanner

When you think of braces, you probably also think of the messy, goopy alginate impressions that come along with them. Well, at Coombs Orthodontics we utilize advanced 3D technology to capture scans of your teeth rather than those dreaded impressions. Our 3D scanner quickly captures several pictures of your teeth and creates a painless 3D rendering of your smile in no time.

See Your Future Smile

Imagine knowing what your new and improved smile will look like once your braces or clear aligners come off before you even begin treatment. With our Smile Simulator at Coombs Orthodontics, you can! After your scans are complete, Dr. Coombs will use your 3D rendering and the Smile Simulator technology to create a prediction of your post-treatment smile! This sneak peak provides patients with the perfect inspiration to complete their treatment as prescribed and helps the treatment journey fly by.

Accurate Results

The iTero Digital Scanner is 10 times more likely to produce accurate scan results on the first try, versus the traditional alginate impressions that require a few tries to maintain an accurate impression.

3D Smile Replica

Watch your smile change before your eyes and get inspired about the changes to come as you view your simulated post-treatment smile!

The Perks of 3D Scanning

1. Comfort and Ease
Say goodbye to the mess and hassle of the goopy, traditional alginate impressions and hello to the comfortable experience provided by the iTero Digital Scanner. The tiny camera on the iTero Scanner easily and comfortably fits into your mouth, capturing images of each tooth without the need for goopy impressions.
2. Efficiency and Speed
The iTero Digital Scanner produces a highly accurate comprehensive model of your mouth in a matter of minutes. It streamlines the records process by eliminating the need for goopy impressions and by automatically creating your digital record.
3. Accuracy and Precision
The iTero Digital Scanner utilizes a tiny handheld camera that captures several images of your teeth and instantly converts those images into an exact 3D replica of your teeth, palate and arches. These precise images allow Dr. Coombs to create custom treatment catered to your unique needs, ultimately leading to more effective and accurate treatment results.
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