Invisalign for Adults

A Discreet Treatment Option for Adults

Clear, Convenient, & Confident

At Coombs Orthodontics, we understand that braces aren’t always the best option for our adult patients, which is why we offer a virtually invisible alternative to metal braces. Our adult patients love the discreet nature of Invisalign Clear Aligners. These removable aligners are also extremely convenient, allowing orthodontic treatment to fit seamlessly into your daily routine. Simply pop your aligners out before a meal, before you brush and floss, or before a social event. With Dr. Coombs and Invisalign Clear Aligners, you’ll be on the clear, convenient, and confident path to a new smile in no time!

Your Treatment Journey

Meet with Dr.Coombs
The first step to your new smile is meeting with Dr. Coombs and his team so they can gather a comprehensive model of your smile and create a customized treatment plan fit for you. His team will collect photography, x-ray images, and digital scans of your teeth, then Dr. Coombs will use that information to design a treatment plan tailored to you!
Receive Your Treatment Plan
After Dr. Coombs creates your unique treatment plan, it’s time for you to learn about your treatment plan and all it entails. Dr. Coombs and his team will also dive into payment options and insurance coverage. Our team is dedicated to finding the write plan for all of our patients! This is also the perfect time for you to ask any questions you might have about treatment.
Wear Your Aligners
Now that we have a comprehensive model of your smile, and Dr. Coombs has created the perfect, custom treatment plan for you, all you have to do is wear your aligners and watch your smile transform! Make sure you wear your aligners at least 22 hours a day so your treatment stays on track. You’ll be surprised how fast your smile starts to change, and before you know it, you will have your dream smile!
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Why Choose Coombs For Invisalign

When You choose Dr. Coombs for your Invisalign treatment, you truly are choosing the very best Invisalign provider, with expertise backed by years of experience. Dr. Coombs is not only a skilled orthodontist, but he also holds the prized title of an Invisalign Platinum Plus Provider, making him the highest-ranking Invisalign provider in Steamboat Springs. Dr. Coombs and his team combine this high-level Invisalign experience with compassionate care and excellent smile transformations!
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Comprehensive Orthodontic Care

Services for all ages

Our team at Coombs Orthodontics is proud to offer top-tier orthodontic care fit for every generation in your family. We know how important orthodontic care is for all of our patients, no matter their age, and we are proud to offer personalized treatment plans fit for each one of them. From Early Treatment for your little one, to Invisalign for your parents, and everything in between, we have the perfect treatment option for the whole family. We are dedicated to crafting the perfect treatment journey and customized treatment plan so all of our patients can have the smile of their dreams!